PA-TSA President's Message August-2015

Well PA-TSA, it is back to school time and with that starts a new year of TSA. With a new year there are new changes.  First of all, the middle school event guide is changing and new leadership opportunities for all TSA Members are coming from nationals.  In addition the PA-TSA Board and State officer team need your help with information sharing. 

One of the first event guide changes that I want everyone to be aware of is the change from Binders to Portfolios.  This is already a rule at the high school level, but was given exception in Texas since it was not clarified at the national level.  TSA is sending out a clarification of this, so do not order the normal cases of white 1-inch binders as you have in the past.  The way that it was described to me was that they want students to use clear front report covers such as the ones at Office Depot.  Please wait for the update before you go and buy your year’s supplies. 

There will be nine new middle school events this year, some of them are brand new and some are events that have been merged together. More than in the past there are events for everyone in TSA.  Quick highlights include CAD Foundations, Forensic Technology, and Microcontroller Design.  Other events that you know from the past have some new rules to pay attention to.  Make sure that you affiliate early and get access to the new event guide. 

On the note of affiliation, our PA-TSA Dues are changing this year.  For CAP memberships PA-TSA dues are changing from $100 to $150 and for individual PA-TSA memberships the dues are changing from $5 to $7.  These small changes in dues will keep PA-TSA able to provide the wonderful opportunities for the students as we have in the past. 

The Department of Education recently surveyed CTSO programs across the country. They found that leadership opportunities and trainings are not available for all of its members, but they need to be.   In the past the trainings were only available for national contestants, but this new program will be passed all the way down to the individual chapters. Some of this year’s national contestants got a peek into what this will look like with a special intersession. More details will be coming soon.   

The PA-TSA Board and State officer team want you to share what is going on with your chapters.  Follow our Twitter Account  @PennsylvaniaTSA  and keep us informed with what is going on with your chapter as the school year starts.  We would like all Advisors and Chapter officers to please join our mailing list here.  Anyone else is more than welcome to join the mailing list to keep on top of information that pertains to our State Delegation.  Another great way to keep up to date with PA-TSA is to like our Facebook page and share what is happening with your chapters. 

Finally have a great year and good luck.