PA-TSA President-Elect's Message April-2015

The days are getting longer, but time till our TSA state conference is getting shorter. It’s almost time for all of your hard work to come to fruition.  The state conference is coming faster then you think. Here are a couple tips that I share with my chapter.  


·      Make sure your tool kits are all up to date for your events (if you need them). 

·      Don’t forget to check the updates and clarification page on the national web site. 

·      Double check all of your equipment (personal and for events) have chargers and working batteries 

·      Check the READ READ READ to make sure your are not missing anything.

·      Review the State Conference Schedule so you can try and identify/resolve any conflicts before you are on  your way to the events starts. 

·      Get contact information for all of your team members.  If one person is waiting outside a competition for an interview and their partner is sleeping in the condo all of your hard work could be for nothing. 

·      Try and meet someone new. This conference is about doing your best and it is a competition, but you never know how much you have in common with someone until you talk to them. 

·      Check out the Special Interest Sessions if you have time, you might learn something

·      Get some sleep while you are at the conference, your Xbox/PlayStation/computer/ etc…. will still be there when you wake up. 

·      Make sure you have all IT equipment you would need for your events. Also check finalists requirements, there is always a chance for everyone to finalize so be prepared.

·      Make sure to frequently check online and on the finalist board to see if you finalized, the sooner you know the earlier you can start getting ready. 


These may be all things you know, but hopefully you find something that helped you.  Good luck to everyone at the 2015 PA TSA State Conference.  

Dale Moll

PA-TSA BOD President-Elect