PA-TSA BOD President's Message September 2014

Laura Hummell's picture
Welcome to the new TSA competitive event and school year! I hope that 2014-2015 is the most successful and enjoyable for all of you so far!  I also hope that you are all getting back into the routine of school days and TSA meetings. 
Now is the time to start preparing for your local and regional TSA events. Whether you have contest preparations, fundraising, or chapter meetings this month, remember that you should work hard and enjoy what you are learning. 
I recommend all of you take this time to learn more about TSA and your competitive event regulations, rules, and procedures. Remember to bring your best work and attitudes to every TSA event you do. 
Take care and start your regional conference preparations now! More information will follow in November and December as we get closer to regional conference time.
As always, if you have any questions about competitions or conferences, talk to your advisor or feel free to contact me via email at any time.
Dr. Laura Hummell, 2013-2015 PA-TSA Board of Directors President
lhummell [at]