PA-TSA BOD Presidents Message Nov- Dec 2016

November 30th is the last day to register chapter with out a late fee.  Make sure you register your chapter before then.  

Now here are some updates from nationals TSA.  



The competition engagement track of LEAP, TSA’s new leadership program, means new requirements for ALL TSA competitions.  Please make your chapter advisors aware of the following:

  • All high school competitions now require a LEAP resume to be submitted as part of every event. Any entry submitted without a LEAP resume will not be judged. Please see the 2017 & 2018 High School Technology Activities, National TSA Conference Competitive Events Guide for details relating to LEAP in all high school events. Participants who advance to the semifinalist level of an event will be required to participate in a LEAP interview.
  • LEAP will be integrated into the middle school competitions for the 2018 national TSA conference.

Additionally, LEAP Legacy Chapter offers an exciting opportunity for all TSA chapters (middle and high school) to compete against other chapters by detailing mastery of leadership skills and activities. Cash prizes are available for LEAP Legacy Chapter winners. The following text can be sent to your chapter advisors regarding LEAP Legacy Chapter:
  • Your TSA chapter is eligible for a cash prize when you compete in LEAP Legacy Chapter! Through LEAP Legacy Chapter, TSA members compete by demonstrating their involvement in LEAP activities related to The Student Leadership Challenge - Five Practices for Becoming an Exemplary Leader. For more details about LEAP Legacy Chapter, click here.


Junior Solar Sprint

The AEOP had developed a web-based registration tool specific to Junior Solar Sprint events at the TSA state and national level. Before contestants, advisors, or volunteers can participate in a JSS event, they must register via the AEOP online registration tool. This year, participants must also first register in order to receive access to the online resources. The first 150 advisors to register will receive a free car kit! The link to the Cvent registration is  

JSS Jumpstart is a new opportunity available for 5th and 6th grade students that attend elementary schools and are interested in participating in JSS.

  • Program name:  JSS Jumpstart (this name to be used at the elementary level only).

  • Program description:  JSS Jumpstart will provide elementary level 5th and 6th grade students the opportunity to participate in Junior Solar Sprint.

  • Program criteria:  JSS Jumpstart will only be offered to 5th and 6th grade students housed in elementary schools.

  • Program fee:  None. However, JSS Jumpstart participants purchase their own supplies.

  • TSA connection:  JSS Jumpstart participants will not be members of TSA, will not be counted as TSA members, will not have TSA at their school, will not belong to a TSA chapter, will not belong to a TSA state delegation, and/or will not pay TSA or any dues. 

  • Program level:  JSS Jumpstart will be an on-site elementary school-based event. 

  • Participation:  JSS Jumpstart participants may not compete at TSA state conferences. However, teams may participate at the national TSA conference at their own expense. This participation will be at the middle school level, limited to one team per elementary school, which the elementary school selects. 

  • Registration:  Teachers, volunteers and students participating in JSS Jumpstart will be required to register on the AEOP JSS Cvent registration site at:

  • Resources:  Resources (the TSA JSS competitive event guidelines/general rules) will be accessible to teachers and students participating in JSS Jumpstart once they have registered on the Cvent site. They must adhere to all related rules and guidelines.


TEAMS registration continues for the 2017 TEAMS state level competitions.  Click here for more information about competition sites.  

Schools with a TSA chapter receive a 30% discount on TEAMS registration. TEAMS offers students the opportunity to showcase their STEM skills through a researched essay, rigorous math and science questions related to engineering, and a design/build challenge focused on decision making and team skills. Click here for more information about TEAMS
Be sure to share TEAMS information with your chapter advisors so they can take advantage of the discount and the TEAMS experience.
National TSA Dress Code
The National TSA Dress Code is posted on the TSA website.