PA-TSA BOD President's Message March-2016

Well its that time again,  spring break is around the corner and the PA-TSA State Confenece is coming too.  But before you get packed for your journey up the mountain here are a couple things to look over….
  1. Competitive Events 
  • This year there are a couple new events at middle school so pay attention to the rules and the schedule there may have been some changes to event then in the past.  
  • Remember to use the report covers that are detailed in the event guide as they are a requirement this year.  
  • Check the updates and clarifications to make sure you have all the details to prepare you and your students for the competitions 
  • Make sure you and your and students are looking at the right themes for events.  Every year we have a couple students that complete wonderful projects, but with the wrong years them.  Stay competitive and make sure you are using the correct years event themes 
  • READ the READ READ READ Ms. Lapinski posts here’s the link READ it
  1. ACS Racers
  • ‚ÄčYou should have heard about it at your regional conference, but if you haven’t here you go.  The PA-TSA Board of Directors and PA-TSA State Officer Team are working together to hold a fundraisers for the American Cancer Society called ACS Racers.  Basically it is a limited rule (Safety Rules) CO2 racer (Wood or 3D Printed) .  Rules are attached to this post, if you have any rule questions please feel free to contact me.  
  • There will be 1 entry per chapter.  The racer can be designed by a student, group of students, or even a competitive advisor.  There will be a separate category for judges and alumni that wish to compete.  The overall fastest time will also be awarded.  
  • Cost (this is an ACS Fundraiser remember so there will be no max for a donation to enter) and different awards will be coming soon so keep watching
  1. Registration
  • If you have to update your registration with nationals please contact me once you have done so.  I only get emails about chapters when they affiliate not when they change there registration. Whether you are a white cap and need to go from 10 to 20 students or your a growing chapter and need to change to Blue cap send me an email once your are done.  Thank you

Finally Good Luck, the time between now and states will fly by and will soon be just a memory so make sure you make memories along the way

Dale Moll

PA-TSA BOD President 

PA-TSA Acting State Advisor

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