Online Video Piracy

The word is pirates. You might think of these swashbuckling scallywags as grimy men sailing the seven seas seizing ships in search for their booty. Nowadays, these buccaneers aren’t quite as threatening but still do a lot of damage. The pirates I’m talking about are entertainment pirates. They take an artist’s work, such as a movie or song, and put it freely onto the Internet. This causes a lot of trouble especially for the artist. For actors, 50 percent of their earnings come from the royalties of their sales, and, for musicians, over 90 percent.

Like every argument, there are two sides to the story; some people believe that piracy isn’t necessarily a bad thing and some believe that piracy can lead to the creation of new material. The idea is that if everyone can easily get a new song or movie for free, there is a higher likelihood they will create something new. This seems a bit silly to me. I think that these people should still be able to get this material but they don’t need to steal it. You have to think about how much time and money these professionals put into creating their movies or songs. It just isn’t fair for someone to steal it. Some people believe that, especially nowadays, since they aren’t physically taking a disc from a store that it isn’t stealing. It is the same crime!

The final thing that these pirates need to think about is who they are affecting.  Some may think that it is only a director, producer, and a few actors but that is very wrong. Transformers employed 6,808 people for their movie. Every time someone downloads the movie, it isn’t just Shia Labeouf losing money but it’s the 6,807 other people who won’t get everything they are entitled to. Pirates are dangerous people who unknowingly hurt entire movie business or recording company every time they get a free song or movie.  You don’t want to become one of these scallywags!