NSP: What's the ACS and How Can You Help?

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Written by Vraj Patel, Graphic designed by Michelle Hong. NSP Committee 2021.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) is a nationwide voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating Cancer. Established in 1913, the society is organized into six geographical regions of both medical and lay volunteers operating in more than 250 Regional offices throughout the United States. 

At the time of its founding, information concerning cancer was cloaked in a climate of alarm, panic, and denial due to the 75,000 people who died from it each year. ACS Founders sought to raise awareness of Cancer before any other progress could be made in funding research. Thus, a writing campaign was undertaken to educate doctors, nurses, patients, and family members about cancer; articles were written for popular magazines and professional journals as well. The lengthy process to combat Cancer would commence. 

The ACS has allocated funds for the fight against Cancer in several ways, one primarily being marathons. The organization runs advertising campaigns and organizes projects like Relay for Life, a community-based fundraising event that contributes in the fight against cancer. 

Everyone resents Cancer—who wouldn’t? But how can PA-TSA contribute to the battle against Cancer? Through the National Service Project (NSP) committee, chapters and members are able to raise and collect money to donate towards the ACS. PA-TSA’s fundraising efforts are headed by the State Treasurer in collaboration with the members of the National Service Project Committee. These efforts include running and creating several fundraisers for the State Conference and helping PA-TSA chapters with their fundraising efforts to increase the amount of money PA-TSA raises for the American Cancer Society (ACS). 

This year, the committee hopes to continue helping chapters with virtual fundraising through a fundraising kit and setting up meetings with chapters. Moreover, the NSP committee will be able to expand fundraisers at the chapter and state level while looking to further incentivize fundraising for the State Conference. 

If you have any questions about the ACS or the NSP committee, please do not hesitate to reach out to treasurer [at] patsa.org (subject: ACS%2FNSP%20Inquiry) . Thank you!