NSP: Chapter Fundraising Assistance Initiative

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Written by Phillip Gao. Blog graphic designed by Joey Beh. PA-TSA NSP Committee 2021.

Although everyone has been impacted by the pandemic, cancer patients and survivors are among those who have felt the worst effects of COVID-19. These individuals are far more susceptible to COVID-19 due to their weakened immune systems. Furthermore, medical care such as tests and treatments have often been delayed because of hospital overloads. What can be done to help them out? It is imperative that we raise money to fund research, support patients, and help those that do not have access to treatment. As a result, it is our responsibility as PA-TSA members to fundraise for the American Cancer Society.

However, it is important to know how to fundraise effectively. Chapters can put in lots and lots of effort but not yield the results they wanted. Over the course of the past few months, the NSP chapter fundraising sub-committee has worked on a detailed fundraising kit and prepared an assistance initiative to guide chapters in their fundraising efforts. The fundraising kit will consist of a list of virtual fundraisers that a chapter can plan, a step-by-step plan on how to organize fundraisers, tips and answers to frequently asked questions, and sample outreach items (posters, flyers, Instagram posts) to show chapters how to advertise their events. To go along with this kit, our sub-committee has also established the Assistance Initiative, which will allow officer teams and/or chapter fundraising committees to reach out to the NSP and arrange meetings with delegates of the committee. After filling out an application, the chapter will meet with certain representatives of the NSP to ask questions and get advice. The application can be accessed here: https://forms.gle/ccqcNTgHmnVx7NPj7. We have also outlined the criteria for promotional posts in case any chapters would like to share their fundraising efforts on the PA-TSA Instagram. We hope that these tools and resources will give chapters the help and encouragement they need to fundraise for the ACS. Please check out the fundraising kit and sign up to meet with the NSP to get started with your fundraising today!

Thank you for your dedication to TSA, and feel free to email any questions to treasurer [at] patsa.org (subject: PA-TSA%20Treasurer%20Inquiry) .