November Update

Hello PA-TSA.  I hope everyone made it through the storm okay, and is getting back on their feet.  If you are reading this, then I am assuming you have power, but remember to keep all of those still recovering in your thoughts. 

Before Sandy decided to interrupt, the State Officer team has been hard at work, and recently had our annual cabin meeting to plan the state conference and get working on our own ideas and plans.  Things went great up there, and the State Conference is coming along well.  There are so many great things planned for this year’s conference, so get excited! 

As always, we will be holding the Iron Man competition at both a middle school and high school level, so start training now!  All of your favorite special interest sessions return, including the popular newcomer, App Development.  Also, the state officer team will be selling the new TSA blue shirts at Stag Pass along with TSA patches.  Remember though, the shirts are not required for this year’s conference! Unfortunately, due to a lack of interest, funds, and space, we will not be holding Got Game this year. However, there’s still plenty to look forward to, including our Wednesday night Open-Mic night, the Friday night mixer, and the ever-embarrassing State Officer Pie-in-the Face. 

As for going above and beyond merely planning a state conference, the state officers have also been hard at work fulfilling their campaign promises.  Our secretary, Ben Hewitt, has composed a letter to send to politicians to bring awareness to PA-TSA, while Max, our sergeant-at-arms, has already made consent forms for his winning event archive.  With the loss of Got Game as a fundraiser, Brady, our treasurer, is creating more ways to raise money and bring awareness to the American Cancer Society, including pledge cards and a luminary ceremony.  Sitara, our reporter, is working towards finalizing her list of STEM related programs, and Chris, our parliamentarian, has drafted the bylaw amendment to create a pool system for officer elections. 

As you can see, the state officer team is hard at work, and cannot wait for the regional competitions.  So stay safe PA-TSA, and the whole state officer team wishes you the best in recovering from this once-a-century storm.  Best of luck with your events, and see you at States!