New iServices Features

There are two new features added to iServices for chapters.  

  1. Event Special Information - Four events have special deadlines.  If an event has a special deadline, and ‘i” (info) icon will pop up beside the event name once a students is registered for the event.  You can click on the “i” and it will tell you the information.
  2. Participant Alerts - If any required information is missing for a participant, it will show a yellow triangle with a “!” inside it.  Click on it and it will tell you want you are missing for the participant. Once all require information is entered, it will go away.  Required information for everyone: First and Last Name.  For PRIMARY ADVISORS, they also need to enter email address, home phone number and onsite phone number.  You can see the alert in at least three different places:
    • ​When you first log into iServices, there will be a message on your Dashboard.
    • When you go to the Conference Registration Menu.
    • When you are in the Show List of participants screen.
    • And when you have the participant with the error.

You must correct all errors for your registration. Click on the error icon to start correcting the issues.  This will help solve problems with improper billing of participants.

A complete manual for iServices can be found at