Nanotech: A New PA-TSA Event

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Hello, PA-TSA! I’m proud to inform you of a new PA-TSA event this year for high school: Nanotech. This event is sponsored by the Lehigh Nanotech Network (LNN), which was found in 2004 and is managed by Lehigh University’s Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (CAMN). LNN will also provide the judges for the display, interview, and presentation portions.

Students participating in Nanotech will study nanotechnology from the six links provided in the event guide, eventually preparing a display based upon their research and taking a multiple choice test. The finalists who score the highest will present their display to the LNN representatives. It should be noted that the event requires PA-TSA Category B attire as a minimum, there can be a maximum of five individuals from a chapter, students need to study and make a display prior to the conference, and all work must be from the current school year.

Preparing a display based upon their research, students need to choose the content for their display based on the information from the websites that they think is the most important for others learn, which they will later need to convey to the judges in a 3 to 5 minutes interview. However, displays can be no large than 12” deep x 24” wide x 36” high, does not need to be tri-fold poster board, and must be labeled with the student’s individual conference ID number.

During the Regional Conference, students will need to report at the time and place stated in the Regional Conference Schedule to take the multiple choice test, which will be scored and be used to create the Finalist list. Finalists will need to report with their display at the time and place stated in the Conference Schedule to set up their displays and participate in the interview with the LNN judges. Winners will be announced at the Conference Awards Ceremony.

Good luck to those participating in Nanotech! If you ever need to contact me, you can always email me at reporter [at] ()<!--style="text-decoration:none;"-->. See you at Regionals!