InvenTeams Applications due 4/10/2017

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What is InvenTeams?

InvenTeams provides grants up to $10,000 for teams of HS students, teachers, and mentors to conceptualize, design and build their own inventions. At the end of the year, teams travel to MIT to showcase and receive feedback from the community here. Teams choose the problems they want to work on—most pick something in their own backyard.

The initial application for 2017-2018 is due 4/10/2017 and should be completed by an educator online at:

What’s in it for the students/teacher/school?

- Students do amazing work when they are given the freedom to solve a problem that really matters to them. Many InvenTeam alumni call this experience life-changing

- 35 finalists chosen each year from the initial application. These educators receive an all-expenses paid PD in invention education at MIT in June and support in preparing a final application

- Once in a lifetime experience to work on solving a real-world problem alongside students

- Generate community awareness around the power of invention and the high capacity of the young people at your school

Please feel free to share the InvenTeam information with your colleagues.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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