Holiday tech gifts

As the holidays are fast approaching, you want to make sure you’re getting your loved ones the newest and most up-to-date technology. This article will give you a little insight into some of the groundbreaking commercial technologies in the past year. It’s been up to you to decide what your family member or friend will love the most.


First up are the tablets.  Now there are many kinds of tablets out from all different kinds of companies.  Apple has come out with the iPad Air and iPad Mini last year. They are really just newer versions of the original iPad with a few size and weight modifications. These tablets could be great for your Macheads in the family. Another popular tablet is the Kindle.  This tablet is great for younger audiences with the ability to easily set parental guidelines and time limits for their use.  Finally, another big name in tablet industry is the Windows tablet.  It comes up to date with all the new Windows features.  Great thing about it is it can easily be attached with the keyboard and become a touchscreen laptop. Now these are the main tablets out there but I’m sure you can find the perfect tablet for you.


Next are the game consoles. The two newest consoles are the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. They basically have all the same things and almost all games are available on both platforms. It’s really just up to you; are you a PlayStation or are you an Xbox? The only difference is that PS4 is $100 cheaper than the Xbox One.


For the fitness fanatic in your family, there are a few cool gadgets out there for them too.  The newest thing is wearable fitness bands that can track your physical activity. Nike, Jawbone, and Fitbit are the leaders in this new technology.  They can track your steps and physical activity and give you day-by-day analysis of how fit you are.  This can then translate into weekly and monthly reports. You better run out and get it right now!


If you enjoy watching a good movie or jamming out to a new album, you want to make sure you can hear every sound. Sonos and Jawbone are great products that enhance your listening experience.  Sonos allows you to wirelessly connect multiple speakers in your house that can be controlled by your smartphone, computer, or tablet. It is really revolutionizing the way we listen to music in our homes.  Jawbone has many different kinds of portable speakers that can connect to your smartphones and boost your music like never before. These sound like great products to me!

Whatever you do choose to get for your loved ones, I hope you have a happy holiday and will see you in 2014!