Back in Business: What to Expect at Our Upcoming 2022 State Conference

Hey PA-TSA, I hope you’re excited to finally be back at Seven Springs once again! Please begin by referencing the following PowerPoint for some abbreviated announcements and information about States:

Or check it out in PDF format at the bottom of the article.


If you’re interested in some tips for preparing for an interview or presentation type semifinal at States, check out this other article. (Back in Business: Preparing for an Interview)

To stay updated on the events and sessions that will take place at States, please follow our state Instagram account @pennsylvaniatsa.

General Advice for New Advisors:

Below is some general advice and recommendations from a couple of experienced advisors from throughout the state. Some of it applies more to middle school advisors than high school advisors.

  • Be prepared for events to get damaged in travel. Make sure to pack whatever you may need to fix any part of an event.
  • Set formal chapter check-ins at the end of each day. You can use these to discuss the schedule, food, distribute conference materials, or decide on State Officer candidates. This is also a good opportunity for your students to plan something fun, like chapter awards or “Most likely to become ____” awards.
  • Be sure to provide your kids with all the knowledge they need to be successful before the conference. Specifically, make sure they understand the schedule (especially related to eating and traveling)
  • The almighty remind app.
  • The entire trip you’re on the ball, so being as proactive as possible in advance will pay off.
  • Be sure to review all the standard stuff, like the Read-Read-Read, and ensure your students are aware of any event changes.
  • Most importantly, know your students and monitor their mental health
    • Be prepared for meltdowns
    • Most students post-pandemic haven’t experienced something like this
    • Eating properly
    • Hygiene
    • Overall student well-being
    • Keep the kids busy with events and special interest sessions but encourage sleep
  • Make sure to do nightly room checks to ensure everyone is accounted for. Some advisors recommend taping the hotel room doors shut with masking tape. This allows you to see if someone left their room in the middle of the night.
  • Give a tour around Seven Springs to your students to help them become more familiar and comfortable with the conference center. Even if you’re not that acquainted with the resort yourself, the act of giving the tour can help you become more familiar with it.


Best of luck at Seven Springs,

Ben Moldovsky

PA-TSA Secretary 2021-22