2023 PA-TSA Annual Business Meeting Minutes

The annual business meeting of the Pennsylvania Technology Student Association came to order at 7:30 PM on April 21st, 2023 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. President Michelle Zheng and Secretary Eryn McKendree were present. All officers were present, and a quorum was established. The minutes from the 2022 annual business meeting were announced to be available and published on PATSA.org. No corrections were offered, and the minutes were approved as posted.

Miriam Ruback, the 2022-2023 State Treasurer, stated that the treasurer’s report was received and placed on file with the Board of Directors.

William Reisner and Elijah Adu, the 2022-2023 State Parliamentarian and Sergeant-at-Arms, respectively, gave the Conference Sessions and Activities Committee report.

Zane Al-Saleem, the 2022-2023 State Vice President, gave the Regional Representatives Committee report.

Eryn McKendree, the 2022-2023 State Secretary, gave the Outreach Committee report.

Margo Wyckoff and Charlize Amper, the 2022-2023 State Historian and Reporter, respectively, gave the Communications and Promotions Committee report.

William Reisner, the 2022-2023 State Parliamentarian, gave the Bylaw and Resolution Review Committee report.

Elijah Adu, the 2022-2023 State Sergeant-at-Arms gave the Inclusivity Committee report

The State Treasurer gave the National Service Project Committee report.

The State Parliamentarian recognized the 2023 FLEX participants

The State Sergeant-at-Arms introduced Dr. Molly Miller, who presented the 2023 Pennsylvania TSA Scholarships.

The State Sergeant-at-Arms introduced Mr. Brandt Hutzel for the presentation of the Awards.

A Special Recognition Video for Shelley Evans was presented by the 2022-2023 State Officer Team.

The State Parliamentarian motioned to suspend the rules and enter into recess until called to order by the chair without debate or vote to accommodate for a surprise event organized by the State Officer Team. The motion was taken via a standing vote and carried by a majority. The meeting stood recessed at 8:40 PM and was recalled by the chair at 8:56 PM.

There was new business before the assembly.

President Michelle Zheng invited the State Officer Advisor, Mrs. Shelley Evans, to announce the 2022-2023 State Officer Team Elect.

2022-2023 Sergeant-at-Arms: Krish Mittal

2022-2023 Reporter: Haley Mosorjak

2022-2023 Treasurer: Boyi Chen

2022-2023 Secretary: William Riesner 

2022-2023 Vice President: Margo Wyckoff

2022-2023 President: Charlize Amper

Following the announcement of the officers elect, there was no more new business before the assembly.

State President introduced Dr. Lauren Lapinski for conference announcements 

The meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.