2020-2021 PA State Officer Candidates

2020 is proving to be a year for the history books.  But as an organization, we will adapt.  We have student who want to serve as your next state offices, and to continue to assist in guiding this organization through the year ahead.  Please take a moment to read about our candidates for the 2020-2021 school year.  All directions will be posted at PATSA.org for voting.


Elliot Ginzburg
Hello PA-TSA! My name is Elliot Ginzburg and I am running to be your 2020-2021 State President. Over the past year, I have had the distinct privilege to serve as your State Sergeant-At-Arms. I worked to improve judges’ feedback responses, improve communication through surveys and polls, and revolutionize the special interest sessions. I was saddened to learn of the cancelation of this year’s State Conference, which is why I will work harder than ever to make the 2021 State Conference memorable. 
Through my involvement with PA-TSA over the past six years, it is evident that this organization has tremendous untapped potential to teach, assist, and lead all members of PA-TSA. 
As President, I will deliver on my promises with one main focus — enabling all PA-TSA
members to gain success inside and outside of TSA. My first proposal is to implement a process for members to connect with companies across Pennsylvania after successfully competing in their events. Second, I will produce monthly officer Q&A videos across PA-TSA’s social media platforms. Finally, I will increase colleges’ awareness of PA-TSA by creating and sending promotional materials to universities across Pennsylvania. 
TSA has taught me the importance of working together to achieve success. TSA has shown me what can be accomplished through effective leadership. TSA has inspired me to take the stage as your candidate for President.
PA-TSA, with your support, I look forward to working with you to develop my plans for PA-TSA’s future.  Remember when voting, Get it Done with Ginzburg.


Emma Campbell
Set the scene: It is one week before the PA-TSA state conference. You are sitting in your room frustrated with (or procrastinating) your events. Your advisor gave you deadlines, but “It can wait one more day” turns into “I can stay up one more hour”.     
Now that I have you slightly worried, Hey there, PA-TSA! My name is Emma Campbell and I am honored to be a candidate for your next State Vice President. I have been in 3 state committees along with several subcommittees this past year. This past year, I served as my chapter’s Vice President. Participating in multiple clubs and school activities has given me the opportunity to gain leadership positions over the years. If I were to be elected as the next State Vice President, all of my time would go to improving the regions and the Regional Representatives Committee. Seeing people come together to plan a conference that everyone will enjoy is something I aspired to do. I believe that everyone should enjoy their regional conference. 
One of my marching band instructors once told me, “You can reach for the stars and only hit the treetops, but if you reach for the treetops, you might not even make it off the ground.” I keep those words close to my heart as they inspire me on a day to day basis. I can’t wait to meet you all at the state conference! Good luck with all of your events and don’t forget to have fun!

Evan Grove
Hey, dedicated members of PA-TSA! My name is Evan Grove, and I’m incredibly excited to be running to be your 2020-21 State Vice President. 
This past year, I have had the honor of serving as your State Treasurer. As chair of the National Service Project Committee, I implemented several ACS fundraisers into our regional conferences, raising over $2,500! Although delayed with the cancelation of states, I also organized a Recycled Clothing Initiative, which began to collect donated competition apparel to then sell at the state conference for a reduced price.
As your State Vice President, I would make it my goal to expand upon our past accomplishments. By chairing the Regional Representatives Committee, I would work directly with lead reps, organizing apparel collection bins across all regions. It’s also time for members to have their voices properly heard. By offering members the opportunity to run their own sessions at the FLEX Conference, we can supplement the success of this promising conference. In terms of social media, I would incorporate officer Q&A videos into our posting schedule, answering members pressing questions. With these additions, I believe our state can finally bridge this much-needed gap between the officer team and members.
Unfortunately, since our powerhouse delegation far surpasses a “gathering of 10 people,” I sadly can’t meet everyone at states. A mass Zoom call perhaps?? Either way PA-TSA, I’ve kept my promises this past year, and I’d be ecstatic to do it again. Just remember to stay revvin’ with Evan!

Jordan Shopp
My name is Jordan Shopp and I am running for PA-TSA Vice President. As Vice President, I hope to work with the Regional Representative Committee to improve regional conferences and increase their revenue for ACS.
In my first year of TSA, I didn’t place in any event at Regionals; I had attended two regional conferences before my first state conference. When I finally went to Seven Springs, I was taken aback; there was so much going on and it was so well organized. I am by no means detracting from the regional organizers, but I had felt there was much to improve upon. That’s why this year, I joined the Region 3 Planning Team and became the Lead Regional Representative. One initiative I started this year was a doughnut fundraiser, where I worked with local businesses, my Regional Representative team, and the current Vice President. With this new fundraiser, we were able to increase the ACS revenue by more than 20%. It is proposals like these that I hope to foster as Vice President and Chair of the Regional Representatives Committee. Not only will these help the ACS, but fun activities like this will promote a membership retention. For example, a student would more likely quit TSA after attending the regional conference than after attending the more exciting state conference. By making Regionals more fun, PA-TSA will be able to further it’s mission statement by enhancing personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in STEM for a greater number of students.


Elijah Adu
Hello PA-TSA! My name is Elijah Adu, and I’m running to be your 2020-2021 Secretary! Over the past three years, TSA has given so much to me, and now I’m ready to give back. TSA is an organization of outstanding individuals who give their all to their competitions. As your secretary, I will ensure that TSA works just as hard for you as you do for it. I will do this by establishing a greater foothold for all TSA members in the STEM world.
If elected, I would be chair of the outreach committee in which I will implement a three-step plan to achieve the goals outlined above. In step one we will identify potential STEM partners, scholarships, and internship opportunities. In the next step, we will work hard drafting letters of correspondence for the aforementioned opportunities. In the final step, we will write a proposal to the board containing our years’ work. 
Aside from time tested plans, I also offer relevant experience. I have led my chapter serving as president, sergeant at arms, and secretary. I bring experience in writing letters of corporate correspondence, writing resolutions, and managing logistics for large organizations. I have been an active member of the TSA community, having worked on the outreach committee and having served as a delegate at nationals.
A vote for Adu is not only a vote for thoughtful and competent leadership, but also a vote for the future of our alumni in the STEM world.  Let’s Adu it! 

Anna Chamberlain
Hi! I’m Anna Chamberlin and I’m running to be your 2020-21 PA TSA State Secretary. I’m passionate about eliminating the things that frustrate students most and expanding the things that students love about this organization. As your state secretary, I would also dedicate myself to bringing some much-needed transparency to TSA to answer those questions that bother you most, like “Why am I writing this LEAP?”, “Why don’t I always get feedback on my events?”, or “Why don’t we improve the state website?” I know we all want answers. 
Another priority of mine will be to allow student voices to be heard- especially during or following the state conference. Whether it’s through a google form or a physical survey, this will be key for bringing in ideas from across the state for the betterment of this organization. As Secretary, I’ll also fulfill my position as head of the outreach committee to bolster PA TSA’s resources and presence. 
I chose to run for office before the COVID-19 outbreak and cancellation of the state conference this year. If elected to office, I would understand the responsibilities associated with this unprecedented situation and try my hardest to restore some normalcy to TSA. 
Trust that I will work tirelessly to ensure that TSA grows and adapts in the modern world. Vote Anna- a Visionary for Secretary

Megan Cooper
Hello fellow PA-TSA members! Whether you are genuinely interested in TSA politics or bored at home during your COVID-19 quarantine, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my statement!
My name is Megan Cooper and I am thrilled to be a candidate for YOUR 2020-2021 State Secretary. Over the past year, I had the opportunity to serve as Vice-Chair of the Outreach Committee, where we focused on researching potential sponsoring companies and STEM programs across Pennsylvania. I would like to further our outreach initiatives and implement these changes through the committee by contacting potential sponsors EARLY and establishing connections that will benefit all members of PA-TSA. This initiative would be accomplished by improving communications with local companies by creating student-produced, visually-appealing content geared toward prospective sponsors. This would replace the “For Business” or “About Us” pages, as this webpage would include unique graphics, pictures, and information about partnering with PA-TSA.
As Secretary, I would pride myself on my ability to effectively and professionally communicate accurate and pertinent information to others. I would use my experiences as chapter officer and committee Vice-Chair, and my personal enthusiasm for TSA to increase PA-TSA membership and opportunities.
Pennsylvania TSA members, I hope to gain your support as I run for State Secretary. Together, we can improve our organization by gaining more partnerships with companies, thereby fostering the growth of PA-TSA membership for years to come.
Best of luck in your events, and remember to vote Megan Cooper for State Secretary!

Benny Moldovsky
PA-TSA HOW DO YOU FEEL!?! Well, I feel the effects of self-quarantine.
I’m Benny Moldovsky and I’m honored to run for your next online PA-TSA Secretary. PA-TSA, I want to give you a token of my trust: my mother’s maiden name is Breslow.
Formerly, I’ve had experience as my chapters Secretary, Vice President, and President. Currently, I am a member of all PA-TSA committees, my chapter’s Secretary, and the Vice-Chair of NSP. Through my experience, I have discovered things that can be improved and the ways to implement their solutions.
Firstly, I would like to utilize the Outreach Committee by creating a new subcommittee tasked with contacting other TSA State Delegations, finding their best practices, improving upon them, and incorporating them into PA-TSA. For example, Oklahoma TSA has the Event Overlap Index, which is a list of events, descriptions, and other related events. I would add the categories of majors, careers, and STEM skills and improve the interface of the index. This would assist members in finding new events, especially in the transition from middle school to high school. This would also allow members to navigate the gigantic volume of TSA information spread throughout the internet.
My second idea is to hold a college fair at the state conference where we invite in-state colleges to promote their school. This would provide judges, increase PA-TSA awareness, and assist PA-TSA high-schoolers in exploring colleges.  Unfortunately, I can’t say I’ll see you at the state conference, so, hopefully, I’ll see you at Nationals.

Jack Shapiro
Hey PA-TSA! My name is Jack Shapiro and I am running to be your next State Secretary. As my chapter’s delegate last year, I strove to improve our organization’s officer election process by successfully passing the Ranked-Choice Voting amendment. It is in that spirit of continual improvement that I am running for Secretary, to make our great organization even better.
As the head of PA-TSA’s outreach initiatives, my number one priority as Secretary will be to institute a direct donation program for our organization. I will create a “Donate” button on the PA-TSA website to allow alumni, parents, businesses, and other generous donors to contribute to this organization. With this new infusion of cash, PA-TSA could expand conference activities, create more scholarships, and, most importantly, lower conference fees, which can be a hardship for some members.
Currently, submitting documentation for events can be a huge hassle for PA-TSA members. They require a confusing hodgepodge of portfolio covers, USB drives, and single-page sleeves. As Secretary, I will digitize documentation and LEAP submission for competitive events. This system will greatly simplify the submission process for members and make organizing submissions easier for judges.
Finally, as Secretary, I will establish a committee dedicated to creating new events. This “New Events Committee” will gather the brightest minds in PA-TSA to generate new and creative competitions that will expand opportunities for our members.
PA-TSA, with your support, we can bring this organization to the next level. So remember, vote Jack, He’s Got Your Back!


Avanti Athavale
Hello PA-TSA! My name is Avanti Athavale, and I would love to be your 2020-2021 State Treasurer. 
I am currently a freshman at Cumberland Valley High School, and I believe that I am qualified for this position due to my roles as a member of the Regional Representatives Committee and the National Service Project Committee. Additionally, my responsibility as my chapter’s treasurer helped prepare me for this position.
As an active part of my TSA community, I sold items at our regional conference to raise money for the ACS and helped organize Miracle Minute. If elected, I will further promote fundraising for the ACS at the chapter, regional, and state levels.
First, I would create ACS fundraising checkpoints for chapters. Once a chapter has raised $150, for example, we could pay for their dinner Wednesday night before the conference starts. There would be multiple checkpoints for chapters to reach, with incentives to help motivate them to fundraise.
I also have ideas to promote ACS fundraising at the regional level. If elected, I will work with the Vice President along with the Regional Representatives Committee and the National Service Project Committee to sell items at Regionals, such as food and/or TSA merchandise, for the ACS. At the state conference itself, I would organize fun events, such as movie nights or video game competitions, for a small admission fee, and all of the money would go to the ACS. 
Thank you for reading my statement. Vote Avanti for Your State Treasurer!

Rik Bhattacharyya
Hey, PA-TSA! My name is Rik Bhattacharyya, and I’m running to be your 2020-21 State Treasurer. For me, TSA equals involvement. I’m serving as Regional Representative and have been part of multiple committees as well. It’s not just TSA, I’m a Scout and have my own small business amongst other things. It’s through these leadership experiences that I hope to resonate with your personal goals and continue the tremendous leaps and bounds of PA-TSA through the upcoming year.
As a state, we raise impressive amounts of money for ACS during conferences… like miracle minutes. Outside of the conference though, most chapters don’t do much. Motivating 140+ chapters is challenging but unifying over the end goal is key. I plan to increase outreach through the NSP Committee so that each region has an individualized fundraising goal with ideas tailored towards each chapter. Fundraising isn’t the only important thing though… where our donations go is equally as important. Increasing transparency in financial aspects of TSA is another goal. Making sure that chapters have a breakdown of where ACS fundraising goes is equally important as having a breakdown of the costs behind their conference fee. Furthermore, making sure everyone can participate in TSA no matter the costs (like continuing apparel donation) would be another top priority.
And if you are ready for changes to make PA-TSA the best it can be, remember when voting, “Get it done quick, vote for Rik!”

Cayce Becker
Hey PA-TSA! My name is Cayce Becker and I’m running to be your 2020-2021 state treasurer. Over the past four years, I have seen incredible things from the amazing members of this organization, including our growth in membership, fundraising, and personal growth of every member. Currently, I serve on all six state committees and have served two terms has a chapter officer. These experiences have allowed me to grow immensely and find ways that our state can grow.
As treasurer, there are three main things I plan to implement to better the state. First, creating a statewide fundraising guide with attainable goals and ideas for different membership levels. Many chapters want to fundraise for the ACS and for their chapter, but generating ideas and having reasonable goals can be challenging. This guide, as well as a mentorship program, will help chapters reach their goals. The mentorship program will pair chapters based on fundraising success and allow advisors and officers to get firsthand advice and give them the opportunity to develop fundraising plans. Lastly, I want to highlight the success of chapters and the way they fundraise in monthly newsletters and provide these chapters with reserved seating at the state conference. These newsletters, the fundraising guide, and the mentorship program will serve as resources and encouragement for all chapter to raise their fundraising goals for themselves and the ACS and in turn, help chapter members grow their leadership and fundraising experience. 
Remember PA-TSA, do better, vote Becker! 

Arnav Dhingra
What’s up PA-TSA! I’m Arnav Dhingra, and I am running to be your 2020-21 State Treasurer. Since joining TSA, I have learned so much about leadership and my potential to grow. Currently, I serve as President of my chapter with over 120 members, and I have learned so much about leading my chapter and Region by actively participating in the Regional Representatives, Communication and Promotion, and National Service Project (NSP) committees. Participating in committees and FLEX have allowed me to understand what I will improve in PA-TSA.
First, I would restructure the NSP Committee by including a sub-committee that would improve communication between committees and chapters with fundraising. This sub-committee will make fundraising toolkits with sample social media posts and flyers, and set up meetings with chapters to help with local fundraising. Second, I will utilize PA-TSA’s social media by posting Chapter Spotlights for fundraising efforts, and promoting opportunities like the Spirit of Service Award and the ACS Relay for Life. I will also use our website to have a monthly-updated fundraising leaderboard for chapters which will receive benefits at States. Lastly, I would introduce a Pin Design addition to the PA Logo Design event. These pins would be given to members and sold at the following year’s conference to raise money for the American Cancer Society. PA-TSA would also participate in Pin Trading at Nationals with states (and countries) around the globe.
PA-TSA, I hope you and your families are staying healthy, and remember, let’s Rise Above with Arnav!


Elias Catania
Hey PA-TSA. My name is Elias Catania and I want to be your 2020-2021 Reporter.  My goal if elected is to get things done. Period.. I want to implement straightforward and realistic ideas that will benefit members.
For starters, many members have questions about their events and no way to get answers. To me, this means that we need better communication between members, enabling them to help each other out. I will create a forum on the website that allows members to post questions they might have and then get responses from their peers. This will mitigate the confusion that members have about events and has the potential to drastically decrease event disqualifications. This will be very easy to implement into the plan for the new website.
I also want to expand this organization’s outreach to colleges to benefit junior and senior members. Compared to Science Olympiad and other CTSO organizations, TSA is not well known by colleges. I will create better contact with colleges in Pennsylvania by informing them about what TSA instills on members.
Besides serving as my chapter president. I am currently working with my team on a non-profit startup: Endless Group. We currently specialize in web hosting and are also working on fundraising tools for school.
PA-TSA, my word count is up, but I am ready to give back to the organization that has done so much for me. Remember to vote for Catania.

Madison Martin
Hey PA-TSA! My name is Madison Martin and I am thrilled to be running for your 2020-2021 state Reporter. 3 short years ago, my middle school tech ed teacher invited me to join an organization you may recognize- TSA. Ever since my first day in TSA, I have been dedicated to serving this great organization at a chapter level, and now I want to serve at the state level.     
As your Reporter, one of my responsibilities will be to co-chair the Communications and Promotions Committee. In fact, this year I was the vice-chair of this committee. One goal I have for this committee next year is to better utilize the tools that different social medias provide. For example, instead of having all the polls on the website where members may struggle to see them, we could move the polls onto Instagram. As your reporter, I’d also like to improve communication among state presidents. As a 2-time chapter president myself, I understand the essentiality of communication. We can accomplish this by hosting virtual meetings between the Officer Team and chapter presidents, where participants will discuss chapter matters and have the chance to personally connect with the Officers. This way, presidents can bounce ideas off of other TSA members who aren’t in their chapters. This will also be a great way to allow middle school students to learn more about what chapter and state leadership entail.  PA-TSA, remember: You win with Martin!

Michelle Zheng
My heart dropped when I heard that the State Conference was cancelled. I guess that’s the price of loving something — it hurts when it’s gone. My name is Michelle Zheng and if you felt the same way, you are probably one of the many who have a strong connection to TSA. 
It is the Reporter’s job to maintain and foster our connections. One of our most important tools in this is social media. It not only keeps you up to date with the latest information, but allows us to show off PA-TSA and draw in new chapters. However, our social media presence could be much better. If elected, my goal is to post more often, introduce new and engaging content, and give social media platforms to every region. Furthermore, I plan to host monthly online meetings with chapters from across the state dedicated to helping each other. By coming together and sharing advice on topics such as American Cancer Society fundraising, competing, and more, chapters can learn from each other, form meaningful connections, and ultimately strengthen PA-TSA as a whole. Finally, if elected, I would like to create a PA-TSA app to be used both during and outside of the State Conference consisting of a conference schedule, semifinalist notifications, State Officer Blog articles, and more. 
If you are interested in learning more about myself or my campaign, feel free to email me at michelletsa2020 [at] gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you all!


Avery Broggi
G’Day PA-TSA! Since I began TSA in 6th grade, I’ve loved this organization and am proud to say I’ve been continually inspired and motivated by the impressive assembly of members.
I’m Avery Broggi and I’m running to be your next Sergeant-at-Arms. Throughout my time in TSA, I have held the positions of Treasurer, Vice President, and currently, Sergeant-at-Arms. This year I served as Region 5’s Lead Representative and helped implement a multitude of initiatives. While I served in this position, I gained valuable knowledge and experience in work delegation and committee management, an essential trait in being a state officer.
Scheduling can be a difficult endeavor, especially for new members. It is common to have overlapping events that go unnoticed until it is too late. Through an extraneous amount of research, I have concluded the best manner to improve our scheduling would be by implementing a scheduling app. This app would allow members to efficiently manage their state conference in a cost-effective manner.
My second idea is to hold online special interest sessions that would take place outside of conferences. This would allow speakers who wouldn’t be able to attend the state conference an opportunity to speak and connect with members and allow members who are normally too busy at the state conference to participate.
Serving you as your Sergeant-at-Arms would be the greatest honor I could receive, and I will not stop working until you, the member, are satisfied. When voting chose, A-VERY good choice and vote Avery Broggi.

Kendall Coddington
Hi PA TSA! If you ventured this deep into the officer candidate page, I am sure you actually want to read about my plans. I would love to just talk, but, for that reason, I will cut to the chase.  I am Kendall Coddington and I am running to be your 2020-21 Sergeant-at-Arms. Every year I have been in TSA, the conferences have given me skills that have developed me to be the leader I am today. TSA has done so much for me, and I want to use everything I have obtained from it to give back to it what it deserves.
There are several things I would like to do if become your Sergeant-at-Arms, all of which revolve around allowing everyone who is a part of PA TSA to be fully prepared so they can be      successful. First, I would like to make communication between local and state officers easier to help local officers prepare for leading their own chapter. To prepare newer TSA members, event guide videos featuring past finalists could be posted on the PA TSA YouTube channel. Lastly, PA TSA as a whole should be prepared with an emergency cancellation plan featuring virtual events.
When I say my slogan, it may sound as if I’m talking about winning this election. However, winning to me is allowing every TSA student to thrive in his or her events and grow as a leader. Remember, be prepared to win with Coddington!

James Coopersmith
Greetings, PA-TSA! I’m James Coppersmith, a current South Western High School sophomore enjoying my third riveting TSA year. Alongside thorough planning on how I’d serve you as 2020’s Sergeant at Arms, I’m also thrilled to participate in my favorite events: Chapter Team and System Control Technology. Outside TSA, my limited free time is split between South Western’s Debate Team, my law study group, and writing my novel. 
With our State Officer Team’s recent surveys/polls reintroduction, I’d use this opportunity to allow you to vote for a new PA-only competitive event! Choices would be: Engineering Troubleshooting (participants correct faulty blueprints creatively and efficiently to qualify for semifinals, where they’ll similarly do so to physical models using equipment brought), Statistical Analysis (partakers gather theme-related numerical evidence from their community, present it, and explain its significance), and Industrial Fabric Composition (students research applicable materials towards the theme, such as insulation, elasticity, etc. then create suitable productions accordingly).
Additionally, by co-chairing the Conference Sessions and Activities Committee, I’d improve your TSA experience by initiating the talent show and photography special interest sessions. Personally cherishing opportunities TSA’s given us, I’d extend them to others by creating audible event specifications for visually impaired.     
Finally, knowing and appreciating the hard work you embed within your projects, I’d preserve it by expanding our State Conference’s printing station into an Event Adjustment Station, featuring new tools/supplies including screwdrivers, glue, wrenches, and more to make last minute repairs/modifications on site. PA-TSA, don’t play games, vote for James!

Evan Kahn
From the battlefields of Gettysburg, I’m Evan Kahn, ready to serve as your next PA TSA Sergeant At Arms. Since 6th grade, TSA has provided me with opportunities to acquire leadership skills, attend regional, state, and national conferences, and interact with TSA members from across the world. Additionally, I have served as my middle school chapters President, Gettysburg High School TSA Sergeant at Arms, and the Region 3 Vice President. Now I want to give back to this great organization, by serving as a state officer. 
As sergeant at arms, it would be my duty to see that the assembly is comfortable and properly welcomed, I would do this by implementing 3 initiatives. To support new TSA members, I would establish a special interest session to teach these new students what to expect at their first state conference. To support TSA members who want to advance their projects and compete at higher levels, I would revitalize the event gallery of the PA TSA website. This would allow TSA members to see a winning project and make improvements. Finally, I would establish a colleges and careers in technology special interest session. This session would give TSA members an opportunity to meet with representatives from various colleges in Pennsylvania and see how the college’s programs relate to their favorite TSA events. This would also give TSA a needed opportunity to develop relationships with Pennsylvania’s colleges. Thank you for supporting my campaign, and vote Evan Kahn as your 2020-21 Sergeant At Arms.

Rushil Negandhi
Hey PA-TSA! My name is Rushil Negandhi and I’m running to be your 2020-2021 State Sergeant-at-Arms.
Only in my second year, I have served as both my chapter’s Historian and Region 3 Reporter, and I have enjoyed every part of TSA! As a prominent leader both in TSA and on multiple FIRST Robotics teams, I possess the characteristics of a driven and innovative leader, which will allow me to be the officer you need.
As Sergeant-at-arms, I would carry out my duty by improving the TSA experience for all members through multiple aspects. 
First, I plan to integrate a Q&A forum so students have the fundamental knowledge to be successful with events. Especially in their first year of TSA, students can be confused about the rules or how to begin an event. A statewide forum would allow both students and advisors to easily ask questions about events, procedures, and rules, but also suggest improvements.
My second proposal, as CSAC co-chair, is implementing a Special Interest Session focused on helping students explore new events. This session would consist of experienced members assisting students who are hesitant to do a new event, but would also allow attendees to ask technical questions.
I have a vision for TSA to flourish as both a community and competition, but I know you do too, which is why I promise to do my best to incorporate the ideas of the students themselves for the improvement of PA-TSA. So remember - it’s crucial to vote for Rushil! 

Vraj Patel
Hey PA-TSA! My name is Vraj Patel and I am running to be your 2020-2021 Sergeant-at-Arms. When I went to my first TSA after school meeting, I didn’t think TSA was the club for me. However, I enjoyed every little bit of it and saw the impact TSA had on me having a leadership position in my chapter the very next year. The best way to give back is working with you, the members, to make every bit of TSA more experienceable and memorable.
As State Sergeant-at-Arms, I plan to implement several ideas that will directly benefit you, the members. I will restructure the Conference Sessions and Activities Committee by including a sub-committee that communicates with other committees that need CSAC information promoting the special interest sessions as well as the National Service Project Committee which can help implement fundraisers into our special interest sessions. Additionally, I will focus on developing a passion for STEM learning at the elementary level by working with chapters to communicate with each other and younger grade levels to promote interests in STEM fields and TSA. Third, I will work directly with members to see what fuels their drive or passion to do well and apply these ideas into special interest sessions and at the FLEX conference, making members’ ideas positively impact TSA. 
PA-TSA, your support will allow me to implement ideas to develop your passion and help TSA thrive. Remember, take action to fuel your passion with Vraj!

Miriam Ruback
Hi PA-TSA! My name is Miriam Ruback, and I am running to be your next State Sergeant-at-Arms. During my three years in TSA, I have been a leader in my middle school and high school chapters as President and Vice President. This year I am on the State TSA Conference Sessions and Activities Committee, where I am leading the “Minecraft Special Interest Session.” TSA is a passion of mine. I am proud to be a part of an organization where students can pursue their interests, work to their full potential, better understand technology, and be part of an effort to improve the world. 
I will be a leader for PA-TSA who will take my responsibilities seriously. I will work for the betterment of the TSA organization and all its members. I will bring perspective to the office, because, in addition to my chapter and state responsibilities, I participated as a delegate from Pennsylvania last summer when I went to nationals. 
My goals for the office are to continue the great work of the prior officers, represent your views and help make known what is discussed at officer meetings. 
When voting, consider that I am active in TSA, that I always have its best interests at heart, and that I’ll be an energetic officer for you. Your views matter, your vote matters, and you will go forward with Ruback! Thank you. 

Zoe Sweet
Hello PA-TSA, my name is Zoe Sweet and I am so excited to run for Sergeant-At-Arms this year, I am currently a junior at Daniel Boone Area High School. You may recognize my name, and that’s probably because I’ve been a member of TSA for six years and this is my fifth year running for state office. I want to show my dedication to this club by being (probably) the first person to run for office five years in a row. As you’re reading this you’re probably thinking I’m crazy for putting myself out there over and over again, but I do it because I know I can make a difference for this organization. Why do I think this? Some of the innovatives that I have run on, I have accomplished. I raised $641 for Miracle Minute when I was lead rep. I have continually put myself out for this club and I hope my dedication shines through. Now what you ask? Now you work on your events and find me at states. The goal is to collect all my business cards (on Thursday you get the 2016 Edition, Friday the 2017 Edition, During Speeches you will receive the 2018 Edition, and if you Ask Me A Question, you get the 2019 Edition). Find me, talk to me, if not, see you at states!

Julie Wright
Hey PA-TSA! My name is Julie Wright, and I’m so excited to be a candidate for your next Sergeant-At-Arms! I’ve loved being a part of TSA for five years now, whether it’s through sketching patterns for Fashion Design or practicing Chapter Team meetings. Outside of TSA, I spend my time publicizing my school’s theater shows and writing for my school’s news station.
My plan for PA-TSA is simple: Let’s maximize PA-TSA’s potential to provide the absolute best opportunities for members regarding conference sessions, college and career planning, and event resources. I’ll advocate for event-oriented special interest sessions that pertain to event themes, as well as sessions for college and career planning so that you are most prepared for nationals and your plans beyond TSA. I’ll also cater PA-TSA’s social media accounts and officer blog content towards tips for the conference, ensuring that members get their events done and questions answered with ease. I’ll initiate content pertaining to LEAP resumes, conference scheduling reminders, and tips for completing events to lessen the stresses of preparing for States.
In TSA, I’ve served as Vice-Chair for the Bylaw and Resolution Review Committee, have experience with five different committees, and was my chapter’s Vice President in the 2017-18 year. While I might not get to meet you this April, I still wish you the best of luck in your events and I hope to see you soon! Don’t forget, Julie Wright is just right! 

Jonathan Xu
We all join TSA with a purpose. We join knowing that the countless hours spent working through projects and perfecting events are worth what we get out of it. Whether it be making resumes, composing portfolios, or speaking in the spotlight, the experiences we gain are invaluable at equipping ourselves for the future. And that future is one I’m vested in building alongside you.
Greetings, PA-TSA! My name is Jonathan Xu, and it is my honor to be running to be your next State Sergeant-at-Arms. Throughout my years of avid involvement in this great organization, I’ve learned that what makes TSA exceptional is its ability to prepare us for what lies ahead in our careers. Through my service as the Vice Chair of the Conference Sessions and Activities Committee and member of the Bylaw and Outreach Committees, I’ve helped bridge the gap between PA-TSA and the world beyond by establishing new connections outside our institution.
And now, as your candidate for Sergeant-at-Arms, I seek to take it one step further — elevating our state conference to the next level by digitizing interview sign-ups and judge feedback forms, soliciting companies to sponsor and integrate their expertise into events, and offering an incentive package to winners so they may pursue their ideas to fruition under the guidance of their sponsor.
With your support, together we can transform these aspirations into reality and pave the way towards a future of collective success. Remember, Vote Xu, He’ll Be There for You!