2017 National Conference "State Advisor Approved" Events

There are some events which require the approval of the State Advisor to be registered for the event.  State Advisor approved events are events in which a state is limited in the number of entries that may be submitted at the National Conference.  

Advisors are required to log into iServices (iservices.patsa.org) and declare whether a student is able to attend the National Conference for that those events.  If an event states only 2 per state can enter, than the first two teams (or individuals) get first pick for the event.  If one of those cannot attend the National Conference, it will tall to the next place down on the list until we are registered.  An email will be sent to those effect chapters with directions.  

The deadline for advisors to declare the chapter’s decision is May 12.  Failure to act will forfeit your chapter’s entry in that event for Nationals.  Please contact Dale Moll, dmoll [at] patsa.org, if you have any additional questions.