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As the old year comes to a close and the new year starts, members cannot but help wonder about the memories of the past and the potential of the future. These upcoming conferences will be bittersweet - excitement mixed with sadness. Regardless, they will always have their TSA memories. They will never forget their fellow members who spent the night before the Regional or the State Conference to finish their events. Their fellow members who stayed up for days on during the State Conference. Their fellow members who they had relied on for the years past. Without doubt, TSA has created a notion of camaraderie that only members can understand.


Every PA-TSA member looks forward to the State Conference. Every PA-TSA member remembers their first one - the first state event, the first general assembly, the first Friday Night mixer. They were always fun. They have been fun. Looking back, a battle-hardened member never forgets the beat of their heart, the contained excitement, when waiting for the auditorium doors to open for the state general assembly. To see those hundreds of faces at once, anyone falters. To seat on one of those hundreds of chairs, anyone feels belonged.


The time between the State and National Conference passes quickly enough. The memory of the State one may have faded, but the feelings never do. Stepping into the luxurious hotel hosting the National Conference, a member cannot help but feel a smile on his/her face. To have come this far, to have survived to this point, one is filled with enjoyment. Many members find a way to attend all of the overwhelming activities that the National Conference offers. A feat that is respected by all. When it is over, when the gavel strikes down, the cheers fill the dance floor. And the cycle repeats.

TSA is an adventure. An adventure that may end but can never be forgotten.