Positions & Elections

Executive Council (voting)

The Executive Council is nominated and voted on by the Board of Directors for PA-TSA, Inc. The Secretary, Treasurer and President-Elect must come from the Board of Directors. The President Elect and the President may be the same person, in which case, the President will continue to serve as President until a new President-Elect is selected by the Board.

Ex-Officio Appointments (voting)

These board members who are nominated and approved (by way of vote) by the Board of Directors, they are: State Conference Director, State Officer Director and the Technology Director.  When the positions become open, an announcement will be posted.

Member-at-Large (voting)

There are three positions on the board for this office. The Member-at-Large is a three year term. Each term is staggered so there is only one spot up for election each year. Nominations for the Member-at-Large can come from ANY PA-TSA member. Corporate Membership is explained in Article III of the PA-TSA Bylaws. Openings will be posted here The next regular election for a board member will be for the 2012-2015 seat. Normal nominations run from May 1 to May 14 with elections being held June 1 to June 14 of each year. Special elections will also be held on here for vacant positions.

Regional Coordinators (voting)

Each region can elect one Regional Coordinator to serve on the PA-TSA, Inc. board of directors as a voting member. Each region is responsible for conducting an annual election process.

Ex-Officio by Proxy (voting)

These board members receive a position on the board by means of positions in other TSA related organizations. They are, president of the student officer team, president of the alumni association and the PDE state advisor.

Ex-Officio (non voting members)

The Executive Director is an appointment made by the Board of Directors. The curriculum specialist is an appointment made by the PDE. The highest ranking National TSA Officer from PA is given a seat by Proxy. These are non voting positions.

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