Board of Directors

In Summer of 2002, PA-TSA released the document that would be known as the framework for the PA-TSA, Inc. and Foundation. This document was key to the restructuring of PA-TSA. For many years, PA-TSA was operating outside its limits. The document provided a new structure for the Board of Directors and how we interact with the State Officer Team and Alumni Association.

This document was not an overnight creation. For almost 2 years, Mike Amrhein (former PA-TSA President) worked the document into a manner that would best facilitate operation. This document includes the Incorporation papers, Bylaws and Standing Rules.

With this in hand, PA-TSA is now better prepared to solicit funds in the community for helping to keep membership dues down, offset conference costs and offer more in the scholarship program.

TSA has seen rapid growth in the last few years, the Foundation will best facilitate the growth of PA-TSA.


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